Specialty Work

Pet Accidents

Even though our pets are a treasure they can sometimes be the source of problems in the home.  Pet Accidents may result in Stains, Odor, and Damage.  Aavalon’s technicians are expert at all Difficult Stain Removal associated with pet accidents including stains caused by urine, vomit, and feces.  Odor Elimination procedures may include Contaminated Pad and Carpet Replacement, Surface and Air Treatments, and Odor Absorption techniques.


Carpet Repair

Repairing the carpeting you already own is a smart way to avoid the high cost of carpet replacement.  Pet accidents, water problems, poor carpet installation, burns, un-removable stains, and normal wear and tear, are some of the typical ways in which your beautiful carpeting can become damaged.  Seam Repair, Carpet Stretching, Pad Replacement, and Seamless Patching are only some of the more popular carpet repair services we offer.


Odor Elimination

Aavalon has developed very effective methods of eliminating odors caused by tobacco smoke, pet accidents, cooking, chemicals, urine, feces, and other organic and inorganic substances.   Some of the procedures we may recommend include: (1) Surface treatments of the effected surfaces using special solutions composed of a mixture of technical compounds know as “inhibitors” and “reactants”.  These surface treatments are either applied by hand or infused topically using a spray device.  Carpet un-installation and pad replacement is often recommended in situations were the source of the odors is protein material caused by either pet accidents or contaminated water.  The surfaces treated can involve all infected areas including the walls, ceilings, sub-floors (the floor surface beneath the carpeting) and the primary backing of the carpet.  (2) Performing a “thermal fogging” is an extremely effective method of odor elimination.  The counteractant formulated “fog” that is produced by the thermal fogging device, has the advantage of penetrating into every “nook and cranny”; everywhere odor producing substances have infiltrated.  This method is especially effective when dealing with tobacco smoke and cooking odors.  (3) Essential oils treatment is a highly effective odor eliminating and deodorizing procedure that can be used even when the living space is occupied.  The essential oils procedure always includes the essential oils “air-permeable” membrane packets and may incorporate a “dispensing “device” to disperse the odor eliminating and deodorizing essential oils into the environment or the membrane packets can be placed in your ventilation and ductwork system.  This allows the essential oils treated air to circulate throughout your living areas while the ventilation system is operating.  (4) Odor absorbing gels are our least invasive method of odor elimination. Instead of producing a deodorizing scent, these scientifically manufactured gels actually absorb and trap odors within the composition of the gel.  The gels can be placed anywhere there are odors present.  They are safe for people, pets, and plants, and are effective for about 2 weeks.


Carpet Restoration

Save a lot of money by avoiding the high cost of unnecessary carpet purchases. Aavalon’s unsurpassed ability to restore carpeting that is heavily-soiled, badly stained, or damaged allows you to keep the carpeting you already own and forego the high cost of replacement. This is the specialty service that has earned Aavalon the reputation as “The Miracle Workers”.


Water Damage

Our water damage rates are often less than ½ the rates charged by other contractors even though we are experts at all aspects of water damage response including water extraction, demolition and construction, carpet un-installation, carpet pad removal, floor treatments, floor/surface drying, area dehumidification, carpet pad replacement, and carpet reinstallation. Your cost and inconvenience is kept to a minimum and your property is recovered quickly because we complete most water damage jobs in only 2 days.


Condos and High-Rise Residents

Our Carpet Cleaning and Special Services are especially favorable to the residents of multi-storied buildings because we have both In-Truck and Powerful Portable Extraction Systems available.


Inspections and Recommendations

Inspections are available to many of our residential clients depending upon the job location and circumstances.  Our expert evaluations help you make informed decisions and save you the cost of making bad choices.